My name is Injy Shami. As an individual, I was born and raised around the Mediterranean, (a background and culture that make me a people’s person who is driven to reach out to people). As a business developer for two decades, I have been told that my enthusiasm is contagious.

My leadership comes from my 25 years of experience in product marketing, sales, business development and relationship management experience. I use my experience as a sales person to help others in their communication skills. I focus on skill building, awareness and best practices. I work on 1:1 sessions in person or via skype or both.

I have worked with the elderly in Marin County for 5 years, as well as 6 years as faculty in youth groups, facilitating communication amongst the youth and with their families. I have been a public speaker both domestically and internationally with extensive communication experience with companies and alliance partners from around the world, managing cooperative approach with clients. I am a multi lingual world traveller, and adept with different cultures.

What I can do for you:
Think about the last time a public speaker’s address moved you, a co-worker’s explicit direction facilitated your work, or a friend or family member really connected with you. What made these exchanges seem magical?  After all, they’re just words, right?
I don’t believe so, and I’d like to share another perspective with you.

I believe that in meaningful dialogue, a speaker’s words portray authenticity. We don’t just hear the words—we feel the person in the words. That’s what gives it a vibrant quality, and why it resonates with the listener.

How does that happen? How can we communicate at that level? In one sense, it’s simple—we have to establish clarity within ourselves, based on thoughtful reasoning and honesty. However, while that is a straightforward pursuit, it can be very hard work for most of us.

That’s where I come in. Throughout my years of international experience in relationship management, I’ve enjoyed helping my clients unclutter their lives’ complications to express themselves with clarity and truth. I help people determine and polish the messages they really want to share. My objective is to help people improve their communications in all walks of life, so they can enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

How do I accomplish all that?
My approach is to combine my corporate experience and personal insights to help individuals thrive.
I am not a certified coach. However, I am a veteran of 30 years in sales and marketing, with the experience needed to guide you. I’ll give you direction, but it is ultimately your efforts that will yield positive results.

I look forward to helping you

Proud member of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce