It is only a set back

Sometimes you get bad news and feel that you have been dealt a bad deck of cards. However you have to push it aside, and not let it get to you and move forward.

It may not seem easy at first. Try one step at a time. Choose to be positive and learn from the experience.

Making the World a Better Place.

I have joined an amazing organization and here is who we are and what we do. Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), a nonprofit organization established in 1997, creates green communities by designing sustainability programs around the four key sectors that make up the foundation of all communities: educationhousinggovernment, and the workforce. And because we understand the many facets of sustainability, we’re able to see the big picture and pinpoint opportunities to help these communities reach their goals. Under the leadership of our creative and resourceful team, our clients reduce their consumption of natural resources and enjoy quantifiable savings.

Here is what some of my co-workers are doing. L.E.A.F. Leaders of Environmental Action Films  is partnered with the Orange County Department of Education to empower students to be environmental leaders. They are launching a nationwide high school environmental action film contest. If all goes as planned, we will likely be working with the SoCal high schools competing in the energy category, which we will align with participation in our energy conservation competition! This will be a great way to connect with even more SCE territory students!


In order to launch this years competition, the Inside the Outdoors Foundation, which is an initiative of the Orange County Department of Education, needs some funding. Please help share these posts for the National Child Awareness Month photo bomb challenge. The team with the most shares and likes wins a $50,000 grant. Contest ends 9/30.



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