Injy Shami’s mere presence in a room is inspiring, let alone the explosion of energy when she stands up and begins to speak. Those in attendance at Marin Professionalslast Monday morning (August 8, 2016) were rapt for over an hour. This was as much or more due to Injy’s remarkable vibrancy and stories of her personal background, as to the content of her presentation. (“If you’re wondering about my accent, I learned English from Irish nuns in Cairo.”)

Injy is a Career Coach and Inspirational Speaker, who speaks three languages — English, French, and Arabic. Her business is called Yes to Your Success. She works with individuals on how to present themselves. She spoke on the topic of How to Sell Yourself in 15 Seconds. It was immediately clear that she was qualified to talk about that, as we watched her sell herself to the group within about two seconds. Her presentation was about how a successful elevator pitch is backed by Enthusiasm, Attitude, Control, and Courage. If someone had come in and just talked about these energetic elements of quickly getting across your identity and what you’re looking for, it could have been a “yeah, whatever” experience for the group.

Instead, a very interactive 70 minutes flew by, while Injy integrated the points she wished to make with the on-going participation of the group. Each of us stood up and delivered our elevator pitches, while Injy quickly took accurate notes, and simultaneously fielded input and questions while graciously and efficiently pointing out what each of us was doing right and what we needed to work on.

One member delivered an elevator pitch that was already perfect, and worth noting verbatim here: “I build people. I’ve developed a process of functional forgiveness. It helps people identify the stressors that reduce performance and damage relationships within teams. I will bring your team to a higher level.” Delivered with this individual’s tacit authority and baritone voice, it is very compelling. (“It may be 15 seconds,” says Shami, “but it’s your 15 seconds. Be as comfortable with your 15 seconds as you are with your passion.”)

Here are a few of the specific points which surfaced during the talk:

  • Say your name clearly, project your voice, speak slowly and keep your sentences short.
  • Own any technical difficulties, such as a flat tire or broken sandal.
  • Record yourself to check for “um-ing” or “you know’s”
  • Be clear about what you want, i.e., “My target audience is…”
  • Be yourself. The worst thing you can do is pretend you are someone else.
  • Don’t use a tone that assumes the person already knows what you’re talking about.

Injy is the first speaker at Marin Professionals I can remember asking the group for specific feedback on her talk before closing. The responses called out were: “Energy and forthrightness…enthusiasm…consistently able to hold our attention…liked the way you moved around the room and interacted with everyone…very dynamic…truly inspirational.”

There’s a version of the presentation she gave us on YouTube (watch it here); it would be worth your time to watch it to get a sense of who Injy Shami is. (“I’m here to make you feel good about yourself,” said Injy.) She delivered on that and more.

You can find out more about Injy at her website, yes2yoursuccess.com.

-Carrie Fredericks


- Lana S. 

Non-profit management using extensive non-profit experience and skills acquired implementing Return to Work programs.
Injy gave a very impressive and informative presentation on how to improve your job search. She motivates people to apply what they have learned. It is obvious she enjoys what she does and derives gratification from helping others.


- Fady K. 

Injy is a great communicator and she helped me focus on message and avoid using repeated words that might distract your audience. She has a great sense of humor and fun to work with